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[Questions] 2008 行政区划
Comment Time: 2019-01-16 |  Recent Response Time: 2019-01-16 |  Read Times: 1700 |  Following: 0
Author: |  Tags/Keywords:
请问2008年的行政区划代码都是从31 开始的么?31以下的行政区划没有么?...
Comment Time: 2017-12-08 |  Recent Response Time: 2018-02-01 |  Read Times: 2967 |  Following: 1
Author: barsalis |  Tags/Keywords:
Dear CHIP Team! Please be so kind and upload the Survey guide manuals for CHIP2013 in English language for urban, rural and migrants. Thank you and best regards, Sandra Barsalini...
[Questions] CHIP2013
Comment Time: 2017-01-18 |  Recent Response Time: 2018-02-01 |  Read Times: 9195 |  Following: 1
Author: jschauer |  Tags/Keywords: weights, data availability, code explanation
Dear CHIP-team, I have a couple of questions for the CHIP 2013 data available. 1) Are there weights available to make the analysis nationally representative? 2) Is information on the province of th...
[Questions] CHIP2013
Comment Time: 2016-09-20 |  Recent Response Time: 2016-09-20 |  Read Times: 3447 |  Following: 0
Author: Lubna Naz |  Tags/Keywords: CHIP 2013 Questionaire
I have downloaded questionaires of CHIP 2013 from CIID. These are not opening in any file format. How can I download CHIP 2013 questionaire and mannuals in english in pdf format....
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