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[Comments for Topics] Terry's Toast for Zhao, Renwei

Reply to the topic: Income Distribution Books Launch and Professor Zhao Renwei 80th Birthday
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Author: struggle12 |  Tags/Keywords: 赵人伟; Zhao, Renwei

 I first met Professor Zhao in China early in my career, when both of us were about 30 years younger (the 1980s).  China was a much different place then.  I was a young, inexperienced foreigner with a desire to understand China and its economy, but doing research in China was difficult and at times discouraging, and few Chinese scholars were willing or able to interact or to provide guidance. 



When I met Professor Zhao, it was like a breath of fresh air.  He wanted to hear about my research, and he told me what he thought.  He was was open minded and did not avoid controversial economic questions; he had a strong sense of which questions were important.  For me, he was influential and inspiring, a guiding light. 


Over the years I have followed Professor Zhao's work, including his groundbreaking work on incomes and inequality, which laid the foundation for ongoing work on this important topic by many of us inside and outside of China. I am fortunate to have had opportunities to meet him from time to time, and to continue to learn from him.  I have watched him provide guidance to new generations of young researchers.  In this and many ways, he continues to be a model and inspiration.         


Professor Zhao:  Happy 80th birthday!  Thank you for all you have given to us!  Sincere wishes for good health, happiness, and continued discussions and debates about important issues!



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