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[Comments on specific topic] The Special Topics on CHIP2013

Time: 2016/5/26 14:30:30
Abstract: In July and August in 2014, the China Household Income Project conducted the 5th wave survey. Since the main information is the 2013 income and expenditure, it is named CHIP 2013 and consistent with the previous 4 waves. This wave survey is supported by the National Natural Science Fund and National Bureau of Statistics, and organized by China Institute for Income Distribution in Beijing Normal University. The survey was conducted by the Annual Household Survey Office of Integration of Urban and Rural in National Bureau of Statistics. This area collects the main findings from CHIP2013 data.
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[Comments for Topics] 2013年人口权重
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正在关于2013年CHIP数据的各地区及城乡人口权重说明,有没有人知道相关的说明或者论文? ...