No.78-Weights for CHIP2007 and 2013
Yue, Ximing; Sicular, Terry
Published: 2019/8/25 12:15:40    Updated time: 2019/8/26 21:55:53
Abstract: This documentation introduced the idea to create the weights for CHIP2007 and 2013. The original information and final weight values are also reported.
Keywords: Weight; CHIP


 Ximing Yue (China Institute for Income Distribution, Beijing Normal University; School of Finance, Renmin University of China)

Terry Sicular (China Institute for Income Distribution, Beijing Normal University;Department of Economics, Western University, Canada)


The weights discussed here apply to the entire CHIP sample, including all provinces, regions, and rural, urban and migrant subsamples. Researchers analyzing only part of the CHIP survey data, for example, only the urban subsample or only the rural subsample, will want to construct sampling weights appropriate to their subsamples, which can be done making use of the information in this report.


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