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In order to promote the income distribution and social security policy of quantitative research, Institute of Beijing Normal University, China Institute for Income Distribution plans to hold the "The International Workshop of China-Japan-Korea Micro-simulation Research & The Launch Meeting of Personal Income Tax Micro-Simulation Research Reports". The meeting will be held on March 25th, 2019 at JingShiXueTang,BNU, we sincerely invite you to participate in.
We have now 7 summer internship positions available due to our recent project needs.
On 1st June 2018, Zhang Zhiqi, Director of Office of Information Management of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, led his team to visit Center of Policy Stimulation of Beijing Normal University (CPS, BNU). Professor Wan Haiyuan and Doctor Zhan Peng, the Vice Director of China Institute for Income Distribution of Beijing Normal University (CIID, BNU) and the Coordinator from Centre of Policy Stimulation, hosted Director Zhang’s team in the conference room 9504, in Jingshi Hotel. Doctor Wan Xiangyu, the Assistant Researcher of Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics of Chinese Academy of Social Science and researcher of CIID also participated the meeting.
On 16th May 2018, Professor Carlos Gradin conducted the first lecture of the Income Inequality Lecture Series at 2:30 pm in room 1610 in the North Main Building. During this Symposium, we invited Professor Carlos Gradin, a researcher from UNU-WIDER, whose research focuses on poverty, inequality and discrimination issues in developed and developing countries, with a special focusing on inequality among different social groups such as gender, race and ethnic.
The workshop of "Inequality in the Giants: China" will be held in Beijing Normal University. The workshop is organized by UNU-WIDER and CIID. The Venue is Meeting Room 2 of Jing-shi-xue-tang Building.
On 15th April 2018, CSER academic committee held the 2017 Funded Project Evaluation Conference. Our Institute’s research project “The effect of Taxation Reforms on reducing inequality” participated the event as a funded project. Our vice director Wan Haiyuan and project researcher Meng Fanqiang participated the conference.
From April 6 to April 7, 2018, “Migration and the Reshaping of Consumption Patterns” Conference co-organized by Beijing Normal University, University of Southampton, University of Nottingham, GATE-LSE Economics Lab, IZA and Chinese Academy of Social Science was held successfully in Beijing Normal University.
In recent years, Guizhou Province set its goals to build a strong infrastructure base, to alleviate poverty through migration and industry development, and to set a basic security net of education, healthcare and housing. As one of the major battlefields of poverty alleviation in China, Guizhou has closely followed the poverty alleviation development strategy by President Xi and focused on targeted support and alleviation to the poverty problem. In the past 5 years, the total population in poverty has reduced by 6,708,000 people. The poverty incidence has dropped below 8%. To investigate the achievement and effect of the Internet related policy in Guizhou, our Executive Dean Li Shi and Deputy Dean Wan Haiyuan led a team to Guizhou to study “How the Internet boost Precision Poverty Alleviation” from 26th March 2018 to 1st April 2018.
On the morning of 2nd April 2018, an internal research project conference on The National Social Science Fund Major Research Project, titled “The transformation mechanism and system formation of the harmonious labor relations with Chinese characteristics” was successfully held by CIID in conference room 9503 in Jingshi Hotel.
On the morning of 23rd March 2018, a bilateral meeting between China’s Center for the Economics of Human Development (CCEHD) and Center for the Economics of Human Development of the University of Chicago (CEHD) was successfully held in Jingshi Hotel, Beijing Normal University. The meeting focused on cooperation areas, cooperation model and other topics. James J. Heckman, Director of CEHD; Li Shi, Director of CCEHD, Executive Director of CIID and Professor of School of Economics and Business Management in Beijing Normal University; other CCEHD stuff: Professor Wang Xiaoli and Professor Li Wenzhi from School of Public Health in Peking University, Professor Tao Sha from Psychology Department in Beijng Normal University, Vice Dean Zhao Zhong of School of Labor Human Resources in Renmin University; Professor Wang Xiaobing from Manchester University, visiting scholar in CIID; Wan Haiyuan, Vice director of CIID; Zhao Chen, Vice Director of China’s Development Studies Foundation; Zhou Jin, Post-Doc at Chicago University and many others.
Center for Policy Simulation (CPS) held “Workshop on China Microsimulation Research and Public Policy Microsimulation Analysis Courses” in Beijing Normal University.
On 29th December 2017, Beijing Normal University Center of Policy Simulation (CPS) invited Yang Zining, Assistant Clinical Professor from Claremont Graduate University, to conduct an academic talk in conference room 1610. Doctor Yang’s research focuses on international political economics and applied mathematical modelling. She has some established work on higher form models, agent-based models, social network analysis and data analysis. Wan Xiangyu, Researcher at CPS, hosted the talk.
On 18th December 2017, China Center for the Economics of Human Development (CCEHD), co-initiated by Beijing Normal University (BNU) and China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) was founded in Beijing. The center is an interdisciplinary research cooperation platform, aiming to integrate the resources from Beijing Normal University, China Development Foundation, Peking University and other social resources to promote research in related fields and better scientific decision-making. The center shall set up an academic committee with co-chair, consisting of authority experts in the field of human development. The Co-directors chosen by both organizations assume overall responsibility for the work of the center. The center aims to study different aspects of the human development’s life cycle such as education, health, cognition and its influence factors.
On 19th July 2017, a lecture titled “Changes of the Distribution of Land Ownership in North China in 1930s” was held in room 401, in Beijing Normal University. CIID invited Sui Fumin, Senior Researcher at Institute of Economics at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to discuss about the land ownership distribution with educators and students.
On 17th July 2017, at 2 pm on Monday, a seminar was conducted for the proposal project titled “The effect of the changes of Beijing’s social class structure on the construction of harmonious cities” in conference room 1610 in the Main Building. Sun Zhijun, Director of CCP committee at School of Economics and Business Management BNU, was invited to host the meeting. Xiao Long, Vice Head of Achievement Division at Beijing Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, Sun Wenqiang, from Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Office at Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Research Centre, Professor Xia Qingjie, from School of Economics at Peking University, Zhao Liwei, Researcher at Institute of Labor Science, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Professor Xing Chunbing, from School of Economics and Business Management BNU, Deng Quheng, Researcher at Institute of Economics at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Cai Wenlong, Assistant Researcher at Development Research Centre of the State Council, Shen Meng, Associate Professor at Capital University of Economics and Business, Pan Hua, Assistant Researcher at Academy of Macroeconomic Research. NDRC, Wan Haiyuan, Vice Director of CIID and Yang Yumei from CIID participated in the seminar.
2016/10/22. Symposium on Income Inequality and Social Policy in China: Achievement, Challenges, and Directions
The workshop will be held on 20th September 2016, and it aims to inspire discussions and knowledge sharing on minimum wage. Two famous Labor economics expert, John Addison (University of South Carolina) and David Neumark (University of California, Irvine) will be invited as keynote speakers. Many domestic economists and researchers will also be invited to promote academic communication exchange. It is with great pleasure that we write to call for your papers.
The 5 wave micro-data of Chinese Household Income Project (CHIP2013) was released
"Famous Professors Overseas" supported by Ministry of Education of the PRC
6 November, Beijing, The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) held the workshop themed “BRICS: Inequality and Sustainable Development”, co-organized by Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Actionaid China.
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